Meet Dr. Jen

I am Dr. Jennifer Mushtaler and I am running to be your District 6 Austin City Council member. I am a practicing board-certified obstetrician gynecologist, an experienced small business owner, and a civic leader. I also am a mom to two daughters, a wife to my husband of over 20 years, daughter of a retired public-school teacher and NASA engineer.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, I am hearing from my patients, colleagues, and the community about their many concerns for their families’ health, safety, and economic well-being. I also am hearing that they feel ignored by those elected to serve them, and they are tired of ineffective government and political divisiveness.

When I was growing up in Houston, Texas, making decisions about my future, my parents would frequently ask my brother and me, “who will you be?” as opposed to “what will you be?” From an early age I was instilled with an appreciation that my personal integrity and contributions to my community matter. I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, but my love of science and desire to make lives better led me to medical school at UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. I have been practicing medicine in Austin since 2007 and owned my own business. My commitment to community has led me to become an active volunteer and to serve on the boards of various organizations, including currently serving as the President of the River Place Limited District and the River Place Homeowners Association.

I feel called, much as I did when I originally decided to pursue medicine, to meet this defining moment by stepping up to care for our community by representing District 6 in Austin, the city I love.

I am committed to listening to the needs of District 6 just as I do with my patients. And just as I do for my patients, I will advocate on behalf of District 6’s interests and its hard-working neighborhoods in Travis and Williamson Counties to ensure its needs are addressed. Not only will I bring my training as a physician to the COVID-19 issues facing our community, but, having owned a business, I will similarly bring my understanding of the challenges facing business owners in these trying times. Through my civic involvement I have developed an appreciation for the unique transportation, land development, and environmental, and wildfire challenges faced by District 6. Above all, I am committed to listening to the constituents of District 6, exchanging ideas in a respectful and and collaborative manner, and representing District 6 and Austin’s interests on the City Council with integrity.

For more information on my platform , please look at my web site’s issues section and feel free to contact my team with your concerns. Your concerns matter to me.

Please vote Dr. Jennifer Mushtaler for District 6 Austin City Council this November 3, 2020.