Dr. Jennifer Mushtaler will be a strong advocate for District 6 and bring her experience as a successful small business owner and health professional to Council. Through her civic involvement, she has learned firsthand that this district needs more effective leadership on law enforcement, homelessness, land development & zoning, and budget discipline. Dr. Jen is committed to listening to the needs of D6 and will fight for the hard-working neighborhoods in this district to ensure the health, safety, security and economic well-being of her fellow residents.

Dr. Jen is running for City Council to ensure that D6 has a leader who will advocate for

COVID-19 Response

During this COVID-19 health pandemic, Dr. Jen has been hearing from patients, colleagues, friends and other community members about their concerns for health, safety, security and economic well-being. She will bring her training as a physician to the critical and numerous COVID-19 related issues facing our community, and having owned a business, an understanding of the economic challenges facing business owners. Since the pandemic, Dr. Jen has been involved with the local medical society in promoting public health. She also is head of the Limited District entity in her area.



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The maximum contribution per person per election is $400 ($800 per couple) under City of Austin law. Corporate and union contributions are prohibited. Contributions are not tax deductible